How to Create a Background in Microsoft Word

OKEGUYS – This way of making a background in Word aims to beautify the appearance of the document and make it more attractive Guys.

Usually, this is often found in the use of proposals, certificates, covers, and not infrequently in job applications.

With this function, how do you make it? It’s so easy. Yes, although there are several ways you can do this, you can follow this tutorial in full.

How to Make a Background in Word

This background function is very useful if you want to create a document that upholds the originality of Guys, for example a thesis.

In addition to having to know how to make a table of contents in Microsoft Word, you may also need to know how to create a background in your thesis document, especially in showing the results of the tests you did.

How to make this background is also needed if you want to make an official letter from the agency. Besides needing to know how to make letterhead lines in Word, you also need to know how to add a background to the letter. Here’s how:

  1. The first thing you can do is change the color.
  2. Go to Design – Page Color – and immediately choose a color like this.
    How to Make a Background in Word

That is the easiest way and you can change the color according to your needs or tastes, guys. In addition to this method, you can also replace it with an image that you have.

The method is almost the same Guys, pay attention to the following rare:

  • Go to menu Design.
  • Click Page Color.
  • choose Fill Effects.
    How to Make a Background in Word
  • Next, select the tab Picture – Select Picture – From a File.
    How to Make a Background in Word
  • Then find the image you have and press Ok
  • Finished! The background will change.
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But, you also need to remember that both methods will not appear when you print either color or image.

To make it appear when printing, then you need to go to the menu File – Options – Display – and tick on Print background colors and images.

Well, after you go through these few steps, the background will change and also enter when you print, GRATZ!!! It’s easy to make a background in Word.


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