How to Create an Automated Bibliography in Word

OKEGUYS – How to create a bibliography in Word is really easy, because the features are available on the ribbon or menu bar in Microsoft Word, guys.

A bibliography is a list containing the titles of books, articles and other publishing materials that have ties to an essay such as a thesis, thesis, dissertation or journal.

Through the bibliography included at the end of the article, readers can look back at the original source Guys. So this bibliography is quite important.

Generally, many people don’t know how to create a bibliography in Word even though it’s very easy. So, here OKEGUYS will explain the ways for you!

How to Create an Automated Bibliography in Word

In this case, the bibliography is an arrangement of writings that you will place at the end of a scientific paper. The bibliography is also an important chapter that you must attach.

Without a bibliography, your scientific work cannot be proven true, Guys. Immediately, the OKEGUYS team will explain how to create an automatic bibliography in Word for you!

  • Open your document file in Microsoft Word to which you want to provide a bibliography
  • Pay attention to the menu bar or ribbon, select “References
  • Next in the section Citation & Bibliography choose “Insert Citation“then click”Add New Source” First, make sure the “Style“you select the option”WHAT
    How to Create a Bibliography in Word
  • Fill in all the available fields, and click OK.
    How to Create a Bibliography in Word
  • In section “Type Of SourceThere are several options that you can choose, namely: Book, Book Section, Journal Article, Article in a Periodical, Conference Proceeding, and Report. Adjust to your needs, guys.
  • Finished!
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It’s really easy, how to create a bibliography in Word automatically, in addition to the already available features, it will also automatically format your documents, Guys.

The most important thing you need to include in the bibliography is the author’s name, title of the article, publisher, publisher identity and year of publication.

The use of a bibliography is as a reference material or a source for an author in making works, you know.


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