How to Create Graphics in Microsoft Word

OKEGUYS – How to make graphs in Microsoft Word is useful for you to visualize Guys data and later you will be able to create visual aids by importing data from Microsoft Excel.

In this article, the OKEGUYS Team will explain a tutorial on how to create attractive graphics in Microsoft Word easily and neatly.

You can use this tutorial for Microsoft Word 2019, version 2016, Word 2013, and Microsoft 365 for Windows and Mac.

How to Easily Create Graphics in Word

Yup, as the title suggests, how to make graphs in Word this time is very easy for you to do, the results will be neater according to the data you have.

Graphics are tools you can use to communicate information graphically.

Graphs in documents that can help you illustrate numerical data, such as comparisons and trends, making it easier for readers to understand.

  • Select menu ‘Insert‘ in the upper-left corner of the Word document.
    how to make a graphic in word
  • Choose ‘Chart
  • In the dialog box ‘Insert Chart‘, select the type of graph you want to create. For example, select Line, Bar, or Histogram.
    how to make a graphic in word
  • Each chart grouping contains several options, including different formats and variations. After selecting the graphic you want to insert, then select OK.
  • The graph will appear in the Ms Word document, and a new window containing the editable data in the spreadsheet opens.
    how to make a graphic in word
  • To rename categories and data, replace the existing text and numeric values ​​with the appropriate entries. Changes made in the spreadsheet will be immediately visible in the graph.
  • Finished!
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So what you need to know guys, if you want to edit data in Microsoft Excel, select ‘Edit Data in Microsoft Excel‘ in the miniature sheet, yes.

After you have done these steps, the last thing you have to do is close the sheet window. Once your graphic has been created, a formatting button will appear on the right. If this button is not visible, select ‘Chart’.

These settings will control how the graphic interacts with the surrounding text from a layout perspective. From the menu later you can edit and configure it Guys.

How easy is it to create graphics in Word? Of course, you just have to adjust it to your needs, guys!


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