How to Draw Lines in Microsoft Word

OKEGUYS – How to make lines in Word is very useful, for example, you want to add lines to letterhead or other things.

You may be looking for a way to create a line on your page, for example when you want to start a new topic, or you are adding a new section.

Adding a horizontal line to your document clearly shows the reader that a new section in your document has started without having to create page breaks that leave a lot of free space.

How to Draw Lines in Microsoft Word

Lines in Microsoft Word are usually used to indicate the intersection of different writing areas, but often these lines are used to delimit the Heading and body of the document.

Well, OKEGUYS has two ways to make lines in Word that you can try, here are the steps!

1. How to Draw Lines in Word with Quick Autoformat

The auto format option is the most used and many of us have accidentally found it and saw it.

By holding down the dash (-) button you can create horizontal lines quickly and easily in Word Guys. Eits but that’s not how it is hehe.

There are several variations of autoformat lines to choose from, just type 3 or more of these symbols and press Enter to create a horizontal line.

You can choose it by selecting the menu available at the top of Insert Guys. Like the following picture.

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How to Draw Lines in Word

2. How to Draw Lines in Word with Microsoft Horizontal

Adding a Microsoft horizontal line is just as easy, but it requires a few more steps.

In this tutorial article, the OKEGUYS Team will show you how to create horizontal lines into your Microsoft Word Document.

  • Open Word
  • Place your cursor where you want to create a horizontal line
  • Click tab Design tab
  • Then click Page Borders
    How to Draw Lines in Word
  • In the Page Border pop-out window, click Horizontal Line
    How to Draw Lines in Word
  • Select the type of Horizontal Line you want to insert
  • Last but not least, you choose Insert Hey Guys
  • Well, you have successfully made the line according to the line model of your choice

You have now succeeded in making Horizontal lines into your document, yes. If you want to add a few lines, just follow the steps above, guys.

That’s how to make lines in Word that you can try yourself, guys. While it’s easy, you don’t need to use too many of these lines in your document.

Indeed, this line is to tidy up the document, but if there are too many it will definitely look full and messy, Guys.

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