How to Make a Correct Footnote in Microsoft Word

OKEGUYS – How to make footnotes in Word is something that is important for you to know, guys, especially if you are currently in college.

This vital component is usually used for scientific work or thesis. Footnotes or in Indonesian called footnotes, are a list of information or notes that are included at the bottom of the document sheet.

Regarding content, usually these footnotes or footnotes contain additional information, testimonials, or it could be comments that explain the opinions and statements contained in a scientific paper.

How to Create Footnotes in Word

You can also use this footnote to complete references to opinions expressed in an article, you know, guys.

Well, this time the OKEGUYS Team will explain how to make footnotes in Microsoft Word. Come on, see the steps below:

  • Open the document you want to give a footnote, then place the cursor or mark in the position you want.
  • Next click menu References > Insert Footnote.
    how to make footnotes in word
  • Then you will be directed to the footnote that you just created.
  • Fill in the information or references you need.
    how to make footnotes in word
  • Finished!!!

To make an advanced footnote, you just have to repeat the steps above, guys. Then continue by filling in the information in the footnote that you just created.

You need to know that a long enough footnote requires an identity. Usually, Microsoft by default will use a sequence of numbers to distinguish one footnote from another.

To switch between footnotes, Microsoft also provides features Next Footnote which is located in the Reference menu. With this menu, you can switch footnotes to modify footnotes to minimize mistakes, guys.

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Keyboard Shortcuts Make Footnotes

In addition to using the method above, you can also create footnotes with keyboard shortcuts, guys. That is, by pressing the button Alt + Ctrl + F in the currently open document position. You just fill in the footnote and repeat the first step to make the next footnote.


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